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We bring you the best in modern furniture designs with best quality furnishings and top notch customer service.

With our golden touch, we strive to make your space, a thing of envy.

Housing up-to-the-minute modern trends, Velvet space Furniture carries a wide-ranging collection of home and office furniture.

About us

Modern Furniture Store in Bangalore

Velvet Space is a Bangalore based furniture house that showcases quality furniture and an inspirational and imaginative collection of interior products. Bringing together over 80 brands from across the world, Velvet Space makes every designer furniture dream, a reality. With the products being sourced from around the world, Velvet space aims to offer supreme quality stylish and comfortable furniture just right for you tastes.

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We create the perfect living room for you

Your living room is where you share the story of who you are. So our living room furniture helps you do that – with lots of ways to show off the things you’ve done and the places you’ve been. And plenty of comfortable seating – because sharing it all with your favorite people is the best part.


Our Beautiful Designer Bedrooms

For most of us, the bedroom is a place of retreat, of rest and relaxation at the end of each day. Choosing bedroom furniture therefore becomes important because the way you decorate and furnish your bedroom will determine if it’s inviting and relaxing enough for you.


Make your Dream Kitchen a Reality

It is said that Kitchen is the heart of the home. And we have to believe it’s true.Whether small or large, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It is where the meals are created – it fuels the bodies, minds and souls of friends and families. Increasingly, families and friends are using the space to eat, socialise and relax in, it's important to choose a furinture design that will work with your lifestyle.


Choose the Right Dining Room Furniture

Your dining area is a big part of everyday life. Sitting at the table, we have most of our conversations, and we enjoy a meal with friends and family. It is vital that the dining area has a good ambience to create a good eating environment. It is even said that the surroundings and even colors can greatly affect one’s appetite. Hence choosing the right furinture for your dining room becomes an important element of creating beautiful, stylish and comfortable dining room.


Colourful Kids Room Designs

For a child, a bedroom is more than just a place to sleep It's a spot to do schoolwork, play games, rough-house, read and daydream. Our furniture provides the perfect way to decorate your childs room. We have got everything from sturdy wardrobes to clever storage units, colourful desks to comfortable sitting arrangements. We have all you could need to create a wonderful environment to sleep and relax for the youngest members of your family.


We make offices work better

Creating a truly inspirational workspace will enable your workers to become more productive, creative, and energised. You should tailor your office design to complement the type of atmosphere you want to achieve. With our Quality,Affordable and Brand Furnitures, make your office a more connected workplace.


Luxury Outdoor Furniture designs

The purpose of the space is to provide a place for people to relax, dine and socialize. If your outdoor area is empty and boring then you must do something about it. With our outdoor furnitures, you can create an inviting space for entertaining and relaxing. We have a large selection of styles to make your outdoor area a fun space.


Planning your own Home Theatre

There's nothing like watching a movie in the comfort of your own home. With your own five-star cinemas, you may never go back to the multiplex again!. If you want a unique home theater room that all your friends will envy, then we offer building home theatre with our Comfortable, stylish seating options , sofa, lightening, stands and many more.


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